🍒Welcome Into JUNE-Angelic Visitations-Surprises🍒

🌹Marriage is the OLDEST INSTITUTION on earth. The family was God’s FINAL work of creation. A family consists of people with a:
💌 Common Goal,
💌 Unified Aspirations &
💌 Common Cause.

💟God was The FIRST Surgical Doctor. HE opened up Adam and took a RIB from Adam and replaced it with flesh.

🌸SO EVERY MAN HAS A RIB TAKEN FROM HIS SIDE TO CREATE AN HELPMEET FOR HIM. 💌Gen 2:18, 21 & 22💌. Our Single brothers, you have your RIB out there, Suited & Customized for you and your individual peculiar, needs🌸.

Let’s see what The BOOK of Books says:

🌹GEN 2:22 Genesis 2:22 KJV

“…And the RIB, which the Lord GOD had taken from man, made HE a woman, AND BROUGHT HER TO THE MAN, ADAM…🌹“.

💟It was GOD that BROUGHT the woman to the man, Adam.
💟It was NOT the woman that brought herself to the man. (Single sisters STOP parading yourselves as merchandise to single brothers).
💟Neither did the man bring himself to the woman.
💟But GOD Almighty, brought the woman to the man.


💌🌟God IS The AUTHOR and FOUNDER of Marriage.🌟💌

💥GOD Almighty IS The FIRST Pastor to join two, 2, people together in HOLY MATRIMONY. HE Is A Powerful Matchmaker💥.

🌍Our SINGLES in the house, the choice of a Life Partner is one of the MOST CRITICAL CHOICES of your life. After salvation, Marriage is another GOOD Thing that has ever happened to man. INVOLVE God‼️ Pray and believe Him to CONNECT you to your God Ordained spouse.🌸

🌍It is my prayer that Our GOD of Family will LEAD you ARIGHT & SETTLE you in Marriage with MR & MRS RIGHT,[Member of Responsible Society], in the Marvelous name of Jesus🌼.

🌍You must enjoy your Courtship. A HEALTHY Courtship is a very Powerful Foundation for a GOOD Marriage. ❤️God shall surely SURPRISE you this Month ❤️❗️Your Marital Breakthrough is here, Receive it. 🌍 We shall Celebrate you. 🌍
💕❤️Happy New Month❤️💕.
🔥CCnCC 🔥

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