☀️THANK YOU, The ONE that Controls ALL The Times and The Seasons, Our GOD ALMIGHTY, for this Year 2019. We Thank You for SETTING our Feet on HIGHER GROUNDS, in EVERY Area & Departments of our lives. There is NO Shaking❗️
?HIGHER GROUND Testimonies? shall Locate us all this 2019! They shall be the Order of the Day. It is done‼️
? Beloved Repeat after me and say, “…2019 is My Year of HIGHER GROUNDS?…”. Say it again, Say it like you BELIEVE it and Say it like you MEAN it. Beloved, and SO SHALL This BE unto you and your Wonderful Family. Higher Grounds on every side☀️.
❤️Wishing us all a GLORIOUS Sunday today & a Blissful n Fruitful Week Ahead☀️.
Go forth to Rule & Reign in Ur HIGHER GROUNDS…❤️
?Eph 2:6, 1:20-21.
?CCnCC? Celebrates U.
??May God bless U & Ur Sweet Family.
?January 2019?

@HIGHER Grounds?CCnCC?2019

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