❤️ Marriages do not just happen, they must be Developed. The Wedding is just for 2 hours but Marriage is for Life. Beloved, God Is SETTLING you with your own God ordained spouse, who will Fear God, Love God and Love, Cherish & Honor you as well❤️. A Healthy Courtship is a very Powerful Foundation for Good Marriage. You shall Enjoy your Courtship and Marriage❤️.

??My Prayer for U:
? I pull down EVERY stronghold of Marital Delay and Command every Marital curse of “you will never marry” placed upon every Single from birth till date, to BREAK NOW in the Name of JESUS.
That good thing you desire, your MARITAL Settlement, The LORD GOD of Family shall put it into your hands- Receive it Now. Your Testimony will swallow other Testimonies‼️
It is done. ? Gen 2:18
You shall be Celebrated.


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