☀️Glorious Morning & Welcome into JUNE❗️☀️.

🍒It’s 🔥CCnCC🔥 FAMILY Time!🍒 We Thank God for Celebrating GODs HERITAGE this past month of MAY and for a Glorious CHILDRENs Day Time Out. I pray, All our children shall be Emblems of Honor to all children and parents, they will NOT miss their destinies❗️

✴️A Family is a little world created by L❤️VE, it’s a Circle of Strength🐠. One of GODs greatest gifts to us is the Gift of FAMILY. When God made this world, HE completed His Creation with a man. But HE did NOT create him to be alone. God Created man to EXIST AS A FAMILY. Almighty GOD Alone IS The Founder and the ARCHITECT of Marriage🍒. Our God IS for Family, and GOD IS For you, The GOD of FAMILY Is His Name. HE will make your children Great❗️

㊗️In the plan of God for His people, FAMILY is very important.🧩 DIVINE AGENDA, GODs Agenda, is Nurtured and Nourished in Families. 🏵Without strong Godly Families a Nation is doomed! Godly Families are the bedrock of any spiritual community, and having godly children is a Blessing that many parents long for. 🐝Children are GODs GREATEST Blessing that HE offers us🐝. Christian Couples must always be mindful that God desires them to send out KINGDOM OFFSPRINGs in HIS image and as light into a dark world.🌸Parents you shall NOT fail God – you shall fulfill Purpose🧿.
🌼Like we know, the world’s most important Resource and the Backbone of every Society and Nation on earth today are its Children🌼. They are your Future, they are The Future💜.

㊗️From today’s young people will come the University Professors, Schoolteachers and 🎒Childcare professionals of tomorrow. They will also produce the 🧪🚽Scientists, Inventors and Explorers of the next age. 🧩And from today’s Younger Generation will also come the 💰Economists, 💵Financiers, 💶💶Business Entrepreneurs and 💸Chief Executive Officers of the vast numbers of Small 💌businesses, 🥽Larger companies and Multi-national Corporations in tomorrow’s Economy. 🌕The Next Generation of Government leaders, 🎩Senior Military Officers and members of Futuristic “Think Tanks” will also come from those who are in school today. So will the Philosophers, Writers and Journalists. And then there are the future 🌺Doctors, 🐝Psychologists and other Professionals who will also arise from the 🍒Modern Generation. In addition, will come the 🌸Lawyers, Judges and Law Enforcement officials to deal with the worsening societal breakdown 🐤occurring today. Most important, the💜 Religious Leaders of tomorrow will come from the children of today, and it is desperately hoped that these will soon bring EXCELLENT Leadership. I Decree and Declare that ALL our children are BLESSED and they will be GREAT🧿❗️

☀️As a Parent, it’s our GOD Given Responsibility to give our children the RIGHT FOUNDATION necessary to produce lives FULL of Achievement, Productivity and TRUE Success. This is God’s COMMAND as seen in the Book of Books , 🌹Prov 22:6🌹, “Train UP a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Remember you are to “TRAIN UP” and unless you train them, they cannot go UP⚙️ in life. You are also to “TRAIN them IN THE WAY THEY SHOULD GO”. You are not to train them ABOUT the way but IN THE WAY. You have to be in the way. It is not only teaching, it is practical. It is leadership by example. 🐤
㊗️And when “HE IS OLD”, implies you must start early. You must start when they are young, so that “when he is old, he will NOT depart from it.”
🧩It is “TRAIN UP A CHILD”, not train up children. You need to NOTE the PECULIARITY of each child and Train Up the child according to his or her own peculiarity. NEVER COMPARE any child with his or her siblings or other children outside. 🍒Parents you have to be 🌕DELIBERATE🌕 in your Parenting. You have to Teach the child what to do, things to avoid, how to live his or her life, how to be useful to themselves, the church of God ( place of worship), Community , Society, importance of serving God and still be the Best in whatever they lay their hands upon🧿. To get results you must be persistent and consistent. Keep on teaching your children even if you do not see any immediate result✴️.

💜You must stand in Unity with your spouse. Avoid Single or Solo Parenting. Unlike Single Parenting, which is characterized by the absence of one partner, Solo Parenting involves the situation where two partners are still together in their marriage under the same roof, but are 💎NOT united in training their children. All couples should learn to live together in unity and provide a united front. They should speak with one voice and always say the same thing. No favoritism❗️L❤️VE all your children alike.

✴️Create an atmosphere of L❤️VE at home, behave like adults and stop fighting like kids. Settle your quarrels without involving the children and without involving the children and without destroying their future Family life. Be L❤️VE Birds indeed. Always create the Atmosphere of L❤️VE, Let L’Amour L💖VE Always be in the Air💞❤️💕
🌕Parents, you will not fail in your Parenting. Your own Parenting Journey will End in JOY and HAPPINESS it will NOT end in shame and Sorrow. God will make you a SUCCESSFUL Parent.🦋

🍒Our Children shall NEVER be Misfired Arrows nor be an issue of Concern to either of us or the Society. Career and business failure will NEVER happen to any of our children. 🧩They will SUCCEED in life. ㊗️I decree and declare our Children will Journey on the Path of Greatness, Distinction and Prosperity in this Journey of Life. They will NOT SEE hardship in life. They are Blessed❗️

✴️Parents, Guardians, Uncles and Aunties, Continue to Treat them extra good in the remaining days of MAY and beyond. DON’T Terrorize them and every form of Child Abuse, Child Trafficking, Incest and Child Molestation, MUST STOP🚫🚫🚫. All these are very demonic and evil before God and Man, it’s an abuse to humanity❗️Instead, daily release Gods Blessings upon them. Let them hear you pray for them and bless them. Send them blessing SMS. 🌼Be a BLESSER like God Our FATHER IS, always speak Into their lives positively💘.
💕Celebrating GODs Heritage💕 🌹Ps 127:3🌹❗️

🐝🚼㊗️May Our GOD of Family continue to go ahead of you and yours in this New Month as HE continues to Prosper Your Family㊗️🚼🐝.

💌 L❤️VE you all💕💖💞

❤️Welcome into June 2020💖. The Womb of June will Favour you and your Family.



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