☀️Our Singles☀️,
❤️Wedding lasts for A DAY while Marriage lasts for a LIFE TIME. Marriage is a LIFE LONG Contract. Marriage is DIVINE! It Is God that CREATED the Idea, God THOUGHT it up and INSTITUTED it. It is a GOD-THING❣️
Marriage as God intended, is meant to be Exciting, Fulfilling and Exhilarating. It was designed to make life GREAT for man. God had a beautiful idea when HE created the Marriage Institution. HE designed it to be a GLORIOUS and BLISSFUL experience. GOD established Marriage for the purpose of making life GOOD for man! 🌹Gen 2:18🌹.
💕The LORD instituted Marriage to be a LIFELONG EXPERIENCE. Our Singles in the house, let NOT your focus be only on the Glamour of the WEDDING DAY because a lot lies AHEAD AFTER the Wedding Ceremony💕.
💖A WEDDING Day is just AN EVENT which Takes like a few hours. In some places it even takes 10 to 15 minutes. Then people depart after celebrating with the couple. But Marriage takes LIFETIME TO BUILD. It’s a Lifelong Journey, it is a process of Growing Together, a LIFE LONG Union. You need to PREPARE. Prepare yourself for Marriage- brush yourself up to be an excellent wife material/ husband material. 🔴PREPARATION is the Mother of DISTINCTION in Marriage☀️. If you DON’T Prepare WELL, to Live WELL in Marriage may be difficult. Know that ” If you don’t PREPARE you will have many things to REPAIR…”💛
❤️We will teach you on HOW To Prepare for Marriage in such a way that YOU will make your Marriage and Family Life a SUCCESS. 🌼Remember, Family Success is the FOUNDATION for ALL ROUND SUCCESS. May Our God of Family WHO IS The AUTHOR of Marriage give you UNDERSTANDING as we go along. Bless you beloved for CONNECTING with 🔥CCnCC🔥. Your 🔔Wedding Bells🔔 will RING very soon IJN! We are Awaiting Ur Testimonies.💞
✳️🙏🏻My Prayer for our Single Sisters this hour; The BOOK of Books says “Male & Female” created HE them. ☀️Implying for EVERY Male God created there is an accompanying Female. In his rib, Sister, that Man you are supposed to marry will locate you, your God ordained spouse will find you in the name of Jesus. Every arrow of shame and disgrace pursuing our SINGLES Marital Destiny, I command it to backfire, let every stronghold of Marital Delay be pulled down now in Jesus Name. It Is Done. Congratulations, you are next to Testify❤️
🌕🥗Seasons Greetings, I wish you All GODs BEST in 2022. Happy New Year🥗🌕.

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