🌹FAMILY TIME, Love Time!🌹

☀️Glorious Morning☀️ 🥗Families are supposed to be Havens of LOVE & Enjoyment. L❤️VE is Eternal. LOVE as U know;  🌹To love is nothing 🌹To be loved is something 🌹but to love & be loved is everything. 💘The AGAPE PURE Amazing L💖VE of God FORBEARS! 💘 It is TOLERANT and 💘 Always MAKING ALLOWANCE for each other’s faults. 🥗Beloved reading this, LEARN to;…



🔴🥗 GOD is Crowning your 2018 with something MEGA & MAJOR. HE will usher you into your CROWNING BLESSINGS this December. HE will give you a GLORIOUS Ending of 2018 and a TRIUMPHANT Entry into 2019. HE ain’t finished with you yet. Remain EXPECTANT. This shall be your Testimony. Congratulations ❗️Ps 65:11🔴🥗 🔥CCnCC🔥


❤️SUCCESSFUL COUPLES are people with a TEAM SPIRIT. Marriage is a Team Work, it is not just a Romantic Relationship, it is a Team Relationship. Marriage PARTNERS do more than Romancing each other, they have to work together as a Team, fighting their battles facing all issues, celebrating victories, raising children, facing their challenges and Serving God. 💞Couples, if this…

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