?In these few days Into The New Year, take out ONE day, to Wait on The LORD as U Pray & Fast for Ur Spouse & Family. END it with GOD! 

As U & Ur Family have celebrated The GIFT Of JESUS, God’s Son, let GOD The FATHER RELEASE your own gift that U desire now. Every PENDING Miracle must manifest by fire.?

Our God of Family is ?RESTORING? all that concerns FAMILIES, U & Urs this Season.
?HE is crowning Ur Year with HIS GOODNESS and HIS Paths drop fatness.
?HIs GOODNESS is not like the goodness of man. HE Is TURNING UP the table in Ur favour.
No time is short for GOD who does the IMPOSSIBLE. Your Family is Healed, Delivered and Restored this Season, Today.
?Ps 65:11.
☀️Our GOD OF HAPPY ENDING☀️, Is Crowning Ur Year with GOODNEWS.
?Welcome in Advance? into 2019. We shall Celebrate the END of 2019 again Together in Jesus Nm. God will KEEP U.
?☄️Happy New Year 2019☄️?.
??December 2018??

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