🌸🌺Welcome to 🔥CCnCC🔥 Day today as we Pray for Families. Our God of Family Is Right on Rendez-vous Ready and Willing to Answer our Prayers this Day. HE L💖VES your Family with Passion🌺🌸.
Life is in phases. There are events that mark each stage of life. The Book of Books says “To everything there is a Season, and a Time to every Purpose under Heaven”. 🌹Eccl 3:1🌹

🌸Certain things are pre-planned by God, like a child in the womb should not stay beyond nine months, if it does, it generates concerns. Likewise, many other experiences marking growth when they don’t happen on time they are perturbing. 🌺

🌸🌺Parents, when you observe that it’s always Difficult and Challenging for any of your children to move to the NEXT Level of her/ his life, you as Parents need to go down on your knees and Pray against the power of the enemy, the devil, causing that delay to be pulled down. You must pray for the Power of Ease to TAKE OVER. I pray, every force of delay at work in the lives of your children must be arrested and destroyed today, now by the Higher Power of God in the Name of Jesus.

🌺🌸Spirit of delay can manifest at any stage in the life of a child. As adults, constant broken relationships or delay in having the fruit of the womb for many years is an example. Marital stage presents another time, a pretty lady would be of age and no man is ready to marry her and vice versa, the thought of marriage would just scare this handsome matured man Year after year. This spirit of delay can manifest at Academic stages, when other children are favoured, his case will be difficult. Having struggled in school and eventually graduated, he suffers further waiting moments for a good job to set in. This shall never be the lot of our Children in the Name of Jesus. This must never be the experience of your child💖.
🌺 I pray this hour, your children will experience every success identified with each stage of life in Jesus Name, they will not be stranded in the Journey of life. I pray, Spirit of EASINESS locate our children from now on. 🌸Good things of life will be easy for them to achieve. I come against every Marital delay in the any of them. Constant broken relationship will NOT be the portion of our children. Our children will NOT be barren. 🌸Great and Good Success will always be their portion. They shall receive Divine backing from Heaven in all their ways in Jesus Name. It is well with them🌺.

🌺🌸Beloved, use the remaining days of this Month to pray and stand in the gap as we lift these ones in prayers. Join 🔥CCnCC🔥 as we Celebrate them this MAY. 💥Wishing you all a Happy CHILDRENs Day in Advance💥. There will be no delay in doing good thing for any of your children, they shall enjoy EASE in whatever they do. It is done.
May God bless your Family and home.
🌹Ps 127:3-5🌹


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